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This is the first walk I’ve done on iFootpath and I loved it. Beautiful walk, easy to follow instructions. Living overseas, the English countryside very special!

iFootpath Walk comment by zoeaus

My wife and I live in New Hampshire, in the U.S., but we did live in England for 5 years a long time ago. At that time we wore out the Book of Country Walks, which was a delightful way to see England and Scotland.

We are back in the U.S. but our son, daughter-in-law and grandson (8) live in Surbiton in southwest London, and we visit them once or twice a year. I’ve been using your iFootpath on the last two trips, to go to Chessington and Godalming, introducing my grandson to walking the footpaths. It has been a great experience and the directions have been complete and easy to follow. There is no “oh, they didn’t mention this fork in the path” moment in these walks.

Your newest feature, Car Free Walks, will be a big plus for us because our family in London doesn’t have or need a car and we don’t really want to hire one when we are there. Both Chessington and Godalming were rail accessible, and I’m delighted that I will now be able to use a Search feature to find walks we can get reach by rail. My guess is that this feature will be of much benefit to a lot of Londoners who are starved for the country walk experience but have no way to get there.

Congratulations on the Travel App usage ratings; it shows that the work you do is appreciated widely. Keep up the good work, and help keep up the great British tradition of public footpaths.

Joe S, New Hampshire, USA

Walks and more hikes

Here are some great ideas of where to hike in the United Kingdom

Six of the Best: Walks with Chalk Hill Figures

If you’ve never had chance to visit a chalk hill figure, then you are missing out on this enchanting phenomenon which is seen especially in England. The creation of hill figures has been practiced since prehistory and can include human, symbolic and animal forms. Whilst many of the figures are found in the county of Wiltshire, there are also spectacular examples in other counties that are well worth a visit. Here we present six iFootpath walks that allow you to discover some of these chalk hillside emblems…

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Nine of the Best: Cathedral Walks

Cathedrals are an intrinsic part of the history of many of our cities. The sheer scale and elaborate design of these buildings demonstrates the status once held by the church and the efforts that were made in dedicating buildings to faith. Whatever your faith (or none), today they remain glorious landmarks within our cities demonstrating the skills of stonemasons past and present. Here we present nine of the best walks in England that allow you to visit some of our best-loved cathedrals…

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On Track for a Car-Free Walk

It is always nice to hear suggestions from iFootpath walkers and it makes us even happier if it is something we can make a reality. Today we are launching a new search facility on the iFootpath website, allowing you to find all our walks that are accessible by train…

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Ten of the Best: Castle Walks

Be it fairytale or gothic revival, turrets or towers, dragon-filled or the home of royalty, castles come in all shapes and sizes. What they all have in common is their imposing outlines sitting in commanding positions, clearly selling the message about the wealth and power of their owners. If you fancy playing royals for the day, we bring you ten of the best castle walks…

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Six of the Best: Walks with Windmills

Windmills have a certain charm that appeals to us all, kids and big kids alike. With their graceful sails and iconic outline, they are a much-loved part of our countryside. If you fancy getting a fix of wind-powered magic, we bring you six of the best windmill walks in England…

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Discover England’s Great Literary Walks

Some of the greatest writers were inspired by the natural landscapes around them. It’s no surprise to me; we all feel our emotions awakened as we explore the great outdoors and our hearts are stirred. I guess the difference is that, whilst some of us are left speechless by the beauty revealed to us, the literary greats find their voices…

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