UK Hiking Trails

UK Hiking Trails – Walking UK Long Distance Footpaths Part 1

UK hiking trails are amongst the best in the world. The very best of the UK hiking trails are the National Trails and long distance footpaths to be found in England, Scotland and Wales.

For scenic countryside walking the Offa’s Dyke Path in Wales and England is without doubt one of the best UK hiking trails you will ever walk. It is 177 miles long and starts at Sedbury Cliffs, near Chepstow on the River Severn estuary. It actually only follows the course of the 8th century Offa’s Dyke earthworks for 70 miles. The long distance path finishes at Prestatyn on the North Wales coast.
The route crosses woodland, river valleys, farmland, moorland and the Black Mountains. It passes through some delightful towns and hamlets.

This is an image of the Pennine Way, one of the UK hiking trails.The Pennine Way is one of the remotest UK hiking trails. It runs for 276 miles, from Kirk Yetholm in the Scottish Borders to Edale in Derbyshire. I have completed the route north to south and have to admit it was my least favourite of the National Trails. A lot of the route crosses swampy moorland, unrelenting peat bogs and in a lot of places there is no visible path.

Some people love it but if you are looking for one of the remotest UK hiking trails then the Southern Upland Way is a far more attractive option.

The Southern Upland Way starts in Portpatrick on the south west coast of Scotland and runs for 212 miles, across country to Cockburnspath on the east coast. For some strange reason the Southern Upland Way is not a very popular long distance trail. Maybe this is due to the long distances between stop overs. Some days entail walks of 25 miles, which may not suit most walkers, and there are many days with distances of 18 miles to cover. When I completed this walk 7 years ago, there were days I never saw a sole, it was definitely wilderness walking.

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